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What is #MeatFreeMonday?

Across all forms of social media, once a week it is likely you will see #MeatFreeMonday trending. With an increasing 'craze' of people going Paleo, Vegan or Pegan, many may see this and scorn at ...

A Sweet Breakfast

One of my key tips is to never skip breakfast. Want to get results? Be consistent. Get your body (and metabolism) in a routine of eating regular meals, and it all starts with breakfast! My ...

Pretend Health Freak

Sarah Bambey (better known as 'Pretend Health Freak') has over 100,000 followers on instagram and she inspires many to start and/or maintain a clean eating, healthy lifestyle to nourish their ...

How to Beat the Bloat

I do not know the precise statistic but I would guess that practically every woman you speak to will have some experience of a bloated belly! If it's not the time of the month, the bloated feeling ...


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