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The Ultimate Summer Soup

This cold soup comes from the southern part of Spain, Andalucia, where summer temperatures can reach over 100°F! If you choose to make a very smooth version of this soup, be sure to add a crunchy ...

Unleash Your Inner Child and Nurture Your Creative Spirit

My seven year old daughter laughs a lot. She writes stories that make my heart swell, and draws quirky, colourful pictures of people, things and creatures she has imagined. She reads stories, ...

My Relationship With Food

My relationship to all things food was indeed a dubious one to begin with and was in no way beneficial, self serving or empowering. The journey to where I currently reside has been an ...

Get Your Protein with Hummous & Aubergine

Busyness has a horrible habit of sneaking up on you when you least suspect. One minute things feel good and the next you’re scrambling to stay on track with the mountain of things going on. ...


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