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Mindfulness in Daily Life: The Kettle and the Teacup

One of the most helpful tips I ever heard about mindfulness in daily life was from Vidyamala Burch, who runs Breathworks – a mindfulness programme for stress and chronic pain – in ...

Tea And Cake That's Good For You... Really!

Hold everything. Seriously. Hold everything. Tea and cake. Yes, tea and cake. Turns out there’s some good news for those of us who are striving for a healthy diet, whilst ...

Strawberries - In a Salad!

Strawberries aren’t just for sweet treats! Sometimes I forget how amazing these little red fruits can be in a salad. Yes, that’s right, a salad. Salads are the perfect way to mix ...

Yoga, Carbs and Veganism

As a vegan, after all the jokes and horrified faces, the question constantly asked is “ what do you actually eat? ” As a vegan who does exercise, the common question is “ how ...


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