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Summer Glow - Make it last

Summer Glow - Make It Last

We don’t want to admit it but we can’t deny it – that summer sun is sinking earlier and the nights are getting chillier! Despite a few (c’mon it’s the UK people!) not great days, we had many beautiful summer days with lots of sun, not too much heat and beautiful bright evenings. So how to hold onto that summer glow? Here are a few tips we’ve put together to help you hold onto that summer glow:

1. Ease yourself back to reality! Don’t dive in head first and overschedule yourself. Don’t get overwhelmed because you feel you need to hit the ground running. Start slowly so you don’t go from mellow to manic.

2. Stick it out for 90 days. If you started something healthy like a meditation or exercise routine  this summer then make a commitment to stick it out for another 90 days to ensure it really does become part of your life and not a summer fling.

3. Boost your immune system.  Nothing says summer’s over like a bad cold. There are lots of products that will help boost your immune system and remember, simple things such as washing your hands regularly are one of the most effective ways to prevent colds and flu.

4. Incorporate mindfulness into your day. Whether its full on meditation or just taking a few moments each morning to remember what you are grateful for, there is more and more research that shows these things really do help our mood and happiness.

5.  Get serious about sleep. Sleeping on holiday makes us feel great. But guess what? Sleep makes you feel great whether you are on holiday or not. In fact, sleep is proving to be one of the key factors that contribute to good health, good moods and immunity. So treat sleep seriously. If you need a little help then check out our sleep and relaxation products.

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